Our thorough diligence process leverages the intellectual resources, talents and insight of professionals within our partner group, and across our Advisory Board and extended network to evaluate investment opportunities.

In addition to financial return, opportunities are evaluated with respect to their potential technical, clinical, operational, regulatory, and reimbursement merits, issues, and limitations.

- Industry - Healthcare segments including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare IT.

- Investment Size - Approximately $1 to $6 million per round; up to $20 million per company.

- Company Stage - Early to mid-stage within one to three years of a potential liquidating event to
  big medical device, big pharma, or enterprise HIT.

- Adoption Potential - Addresses a truly significant patient need, with compelling benefit sufficient to
  influence market adoption, and/or become the standard of care.

- Competitive Environment - Focussed on a segment where head-to-head competition can be avoided.

- Management Team - Established team with demonstrated relevant experience, depth and capability to
  develop the device or drug, and build the business package around it which would
  attract larger medical device or pharmaceutical companies.

- Platform Potential - Benefits from success in one medical specialty can be leveraged to affect patients in
  other practice areas, or the first product or device makes a significant step in solving a
  problem which when more fully addressed gives rise to a family of products or devices.

- Other - WBV typically requests a Board seat for each portfolio company.


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