Wholeberg Ventures (WBV) takes a fundamentally different approach than traditional venture capital. In addition to angel and venture funding expertise, funding from WBV represents smart, more useful money because WBVs leaders have significant early-stage company and medical device experience, which we apply to find, attract, develop, and drive value creation in our portfolio companies, and monetize WBV investments at the earliest optimal point in time.

The Wholeberg portfolio is managed by WBV's seasoned team, which has over 75 years of combined operating experience.

WBV's principals are actively involved in portfolio companies, bringing extensive operating, design, clinical, design, and research experience to bear to achieve value-creating milestones. WBV's active participation throughout a portfolio company's life-cycle maximizes the company's ability to reach meaningful end-points

The WBV model reduces dilution and encourages speed-to-market as well as serial successes. Wealth is generated by delivering successful exits of apps, products, and companies, as well as high-patient-need devices and drugs which have proven efficacy and a clear path through the approval and commercialization processes.

Investments are focused on strategic value creation, rather than individual company infrastructure, administrative staff, or non-core capabilities. The result is increased ROI for investors and entrepreneurs and reduced time to liquidity.